Headingley South East Transportation Plan

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  • The RM of Headingley, with the assistance of WSP Canada Group Limited (WSP), is preparing a transportation plan for the area south of the Assiniboine River, east of the C.P.R. rail line and north of Wilkes Avenue (PR 427). See study area map below.
  • The transportation plan is intended to address issues in Headingley’s transportation network and identify future infrastructure improvements including upgrading intersections, road alignments, accesses and active transportation pathways.
  • Headingley’s Development Plan (adopted in 2016) included this transportation plan as a priority action as a means to enable sustainable growth and economic development within the study area while ensuring the safety and mobility of all transportation users.
What is a transportation plan?
A transportation plan is a long-term strategy that guides transportation decisions and influences land use by identifying transportation infrastructure requirements and decision-making policies for municipalities to attain their vision and goals for economic growth. Transportation systems generally balance two competing functions:
  • Mobility of people and goods; and
  • Providing access to land. An effective transportation system balances both functions while reducing conflicts and improving user safety.
Transportation Plan Objectives
The primary objectives of the Headingley South East Transportation Plan are:
  • To address access, traffic management, safety and mobility between larger residential areas and main transportation corridors;
  • To identify improvements and required investments to the transportation and recreational network in Headingley, focusing on the provincial highway corridors and the municipal roads that provide access to and from these corridors, including conceptual sketches for identified improvements;
  • To prioritize and establish timelines for the identified improvements;
  • To integrate with existing and future commercial and residential developments; and
  • To ensure there is adequate access to provincial highways to facilitate future economic development.
How can I get involved?
Engagement Opportunities
UPDATE NOVEMBER 2018 – Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the South East Transportation Plan. Both the online survey and mapping tool are now closed for comment. Your input will be included as part of the transportation analysis and will inform the creation of the transportation plan document.
A Public Open House will be scheduled in January of 2019 to present the draft recommendations and plan policies to the public, prior to final submission to Headingley Council. Notice will be provided once a date for the open house has been confirmed.