Animal Control


Dog control in the RM of Headingley is regulated by the Dog Control By-Law (see By-laws section for text). The by-law requires dog owners to have the care and control of their dog at all times. Owners of dogs who are in violation of the by-law may have their dog picked up by the RM of Headingley Animal Control Officer, and impounded at the Barala Kennels, NW 24-11-1E in the RM of Rosser, Ph: 633-2629. Fines for violation of the Dog Control By-Law are: 1st offence - $75.00, 2nd offence - $150.00; 3rd or more $250.00. In addition, dog owners may be subject to additional fees for pickup and impounding of a dog and any veterinary fees charged as a result of the pickup.

The By-Law also prohibits or regulates property owners who wish to keep more than two adult dogs on their premises, regulates the operation of a Commercial Dog Kennel, and prohibits or regulates the keeping of a vicious dog.


Due to the rural nature of our community homeowners sometimes experience nuisance pests such as raccoons, woodchucks, and skunks. The RM of Headingley provides traps for the use of residents for the control of these rodents. Traps are available at the municipal office upon payment of a refundable $20.00 deposit.