Road Restrictions

2024 Road Restriction Map

2024 Road Restriction Details

Each spring, our municipality implements road restrictions to safeguard our roadways during the critical thawing period. These restrictions are crucial for preventing damage to roads that become particularly vulnerable due to the freeze-thaw cycles common in early spring. To account for the varying nature of seasonal changes, the effective dates of these restrictions are subject to adjustment based on weather conditions, typically beginning in March and lasting until the end of May.

During the enforcement period, weight limits are reduced to 65% of the normal axle load on all municipal roads. This measure is taken to ensure the longevity and safety of our infrastructure, thereby minimizing the need for costly repairs and maintaining road usability for everyone.

We strongly encourage all road users, including residents, community members, and industry professionals such as home builders and transport companies, to familiarize themselves with these restrictions. Compliance with these limits is essential for preserving our roadways and is greatly appreciated.

For the most accurate and current information on specific road restrictions, including maps, exceptions, and any changes due to weather conditions, please visit our dedicated Spring Road Restrictions section on the municipal website. We also recommend subscribing to our Road Restriction E-News to receive timely updates directly to your inbox. Enter your name email in the subscribe to ENEWS and select the Road Restrictions box.

Your cooperation and understanding significantly contribute to maintaining the integrity and safety of our community's infrastructure. We thank you for your ongoing commitment to protecting our roads during the spring season.