Waste Re-Cycle Materials

The RM of Headingley provides our residents with unlimited curbside pickup of re-cyclable materials.

Re-cyclable materials must be deposited in clear or clear-blue plastic bags.

For tips on recycling in Manitoba click here for Simply Recycle Manitoba

For Emterra's community collection calendar click here 2024 Community Collection Calendar

The following items are accepted for re-cycling:

Newspapers, flyers, magazines and catalogues

Aluminum cans, steel/tin cans

Glass jars and bottles

Boxboard  (Large amounts of boxboard must be bundled for pickup)

Plastic Containers-including,PET#1, HDPE #2, #5, #7

Styrofoam is NOT acceptable in Manitoba

For Electronic Re-Cycling please follow the below listed links:

Urban Mine  

Brady Road 4R Landfill Site

Equal Opportunities West (Non Profit Organization)