Our Council

Council meetings are held on Tuesdays at 7PM on the 2 and 4th weeks each month. Council meetings are held  at the RM of Headingley's municipal offices, 126 Bridge Road. Council meetings are open to all public, but if you would like to make a presentation to council, please contact Sandra Miller, CAO at 204-837-5766 or smiller@rmofheadingley.ca      

                                                                           Back Row:  Councillors Blaine Clapham, Tom Roche, 
                                                                                   Yolande Franzmann, Glenn Reimer

                                                                                   Front Row:  Mayor Jim Robson, Sandra Miller, CAO

Mayor Jim Robson
Phone: 204-290-6239
Email: jrbsn106@gmail.com
Tom Roche, Deputy Mayor
Phone: 204-831-0151
E-mail: roche4headingley@gmail.com
Yolande Franzmann
Phone: 204-895-4002
Email: yolandef@shaw.ca
Blaine Clapham
Phone: 204-792-1841
Email: blaineclapham@gmail.com
Glenn Reimer
Phone: 204-333-9007
Email:  greimer@shaw.ca