Site Development

At the RM of Headingley, ensuring compliance with zoning regulations for proposed commercial developments is paramount. To kickstart any new commercial project, a site development permit is mandatory before commencing any work. This vital application reviews zoning aspects—such as parking, setbacks, landscaping, lighting, and signage—essential for your commercial endeavor's success.

We strongly advise submitting your application well ahead of your intended project commencement. Processing times depend on application complexity and the volume of submissions. Please note, applications during the bustling construction season (April to September) might experience extended processing periods.

Thank you for choosing the RM of Headingley for your commercial project. Let's ensure your development aligns seamlessly with our community's zoning regulations.

Plan Requirements

Building plans for permit submission include building plans drawn to scale. These plans must detail the nature and extent of work or proposed occupancy in sufficient detail to ensure conformity to the code (Division C - Article Timely submission of accurate information and documents is vital to ensure prompt permit issuance. Addressing missing information or code deficiencies swiftly is crucial to prevent undue delays in permit issuance.

Site Plan

  1. All buildings and dimensions of all building
  2. Lot Grading in conformance with design grades and/or by-laws
  3. Dimensions from building to building and to property lines
  4. Parking, loading, and fence details, etc.
  5. North arrow for building orientation
  6. Street and lane locations, including access routes for firefighting
  7. Location of fire hydrants and sprinkler connection, catch basins, etc.

Required Documents / Checklist

These documents will be required as you apply for your permit online.

  1. Site Plan 
  2. Status of Title (current within 30 days of application)
  3. Letter of Authorization (Required if someone is filling out the application on behalf of the owner)